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Pinned is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinned is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize places, pictures and videos that you've found either on the internet or experienced in the real world. You can grab any content from any website in just one click, all you need to do is drag the "pin it" button to your toolbar and click on it when you want to select something from a web page you are on, or simply just upload content direct from your mobile device or computer. You can then share, connect, follow and browse pinboards created by other people (and vice versa). People tend to use pinboards to plan weddings, family parties, events or special occasions. Whereas others may use them to store home improvement ideas, cooking recipes, holiday locations, favorite cars and so on... 

Discover something new today and get inspiration from other people around the world who have uploaded their pinboards, who knows you may even make some new friends along the way who share similar interests! well that’s the idea.

To get started follow these 3 steps:

First Step: 
Drag me to your Bookmarks Bar!

Second Step:
Click here to sign up.

Third Step: 
Start pinning :)

What Can You Do with Pinned?

Answer : EVERYTHING!!!

Redecorate your Home!
Christina Ranger uses Pinned to save decorating ideas for her new home in LA. She saves furniture, lighting, home designs, patterns and accessories that catch her eye.
Take a look

Plan a Wedding!
Sarah and Ben use Pinned to plan their wedding. Their parents can leave comments about the dresses, suits, flowers, venues, honeymoon destinations they like and so on. And anything they wish to keep as a surprise for the big day they can simply make those pinboards private which requires a password to view.

Find your Style!
John uses Pinned to share his personal style. He pins clothing, shoes and accessories he finds while browsing stores and fashion blogs.

Save your Inspirations!
Zak uses Pinned to save design inspirations for his job. He can then reference and share those inspiring designs with his work colleagues to later brainstorm.

Save Your Recipes!
Jessica uses Pinned to discover new gluten free recipes. She always has a collection of tasty appetizers and desserts she can cook when she’s hungry and looking for ideas.

Our Mission

To become a world leader in geolocation based pin boards, and to keep connecting people from around the world through the 'things' they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, a memory, an item of clothing, a place visited, a photograph taken, a design or food recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With thousands of new pins added every week, Pinned is going from strength-to-strength whilst at the same time staying focused on helping people connect locally and internationally based on shared tastes and interests, which is fantastic and something we will continue to do going forward.

Things to look forward to...
People browsing the site will shortly be able to buy pinned items directly from users pinboards, be it a product, hotel or holiday (almost everything). Merchants will also be able to interact directly with users based on their current location, targeting pins in real-time (dependant the users privacy settings). Users will then be rewarded for such interaction :)

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